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Tip: Chantals pyjama party in oktober 2022
Leuk om naar toe te gaan: Chantals pyjama party Op 28 en 29 oktober 2022 vindt Chantals pyjama party plaats in het Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Een gro...

Trendy en comfortabele Dames pyjamas
Dames pyjama Ben je opzoek naar een trendy en comfortabele pyjama voor dames? Dan ben je bij ons aan het juiste adres! Bij Happy Pyjama’s kun je na...

Vragen en antwoorden over je dames pyjama
Als je op zoek bent naar een pyjama voor dames, dan kan het lastig zijn om hier in een keuze te maken. Er bestaan veel verschillende soorten dames ...

Pyjamaparty in je nachtkleding
Wat is een pyjama party? Er wordt veel geschreven en gesproken over een pyjama party. Er is zelfs een programma geweest dat helemaal draaide om een...


Ladies pajamas

Are you looking for trendy and comfortable pajamas for ladies? Then you've come to the right place! At Happy Pyjamas you can find a very wide range of beautiful pyjamas. When choosing women's pajamas, there are a number of things you should pay attention to.

What size to choose?
Probably the most important thing when choosing pajamas is to choose the right size. We recommend that you try on your old pajamas to decide which size is best for you.

If you are in doubt between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the largest of the two. Because most people like their pajamas to be not too tight.

What kind of pajamas?
In our assortment, you can find several types of pajamas. It is important to choose the right kind for you. We will go into this in more detail below.

Long-sleeved pyjamas with long pants
These pajamas are mainly designed for the cold winter months, because of the long sleeves and long pants you will be comfortable and warm.

Short pyjamas; pyjamas with short sleeves and shorts
For the warmer months we also have the short pyjamas, these are pyjamas with short sleeves and shorts. They are comfortable and light but still well-dressed.

Finally, you can also find nightshirts in our collection, instead of wearing a shirt and pants, you can also wear a nightshirt. This is a kind of comfortable long shirt.

To ensure a good night's sleep, you obviously need a pleasant and quality pajamas, about quality you do not have to worry at Happy Pyjamas. Each pair of pyjamas in our range is of very high quality!

These were our tips for buying women's pyjamas. Do you still have questions, or do you need personal advice? Don't hesitate to contact us!